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   Author  Topic: BIG ONE 2003: Table 2 - A DOGs dinner  (Read 916 times)
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BIG ONE 2003: Table 2 - A DOGs dinner
« on: October 5th, 2003, 9:52pm »
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The Table 2 results were:

Qualified with chip values:

129 - DOG (Carol)
91 - Two Face (Ed)
90 - Skywalker (Luke)
59 - The Black Cat (Caroline)
23 - The Kicker (Mieka)
22 - Boy Plunger (Ian)

Did not Qualify (position based on exit time):

13th Five Fingers (Ot)
16th Anaconda (Anna)

Prize fund: £10.00 each - table fund £80.00
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 40 mins
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 4 and 8
Venue: The Poker Stable

The DOG is chip leader when tables merge after some strong patient play, justifying her ranking as number one contender and favourite to retain her title. Wearing her bracelet from 2002 to further intimidate the pretenders to her throne.  

Table 2 ends in stalemate as a record six players qualify for the final table. The betting is busy but the players 'pass the parcel' and end up virtually even stacked.  

The Anaconda is out within 20 minutes.  The snakebite has no venom on the night and some loose betting results in the first exit of the night.

Five Fingers is playing cautious and betting only aces in the hand.  After 70 minutes grinding his decisions are taken away as the blinds catch up with our sorry loser.

Nearly suffers a poker breakdown when called all in by the kicker. Folds with a pair of aces after minutes of sweat and torment.  The damage had been done...

The Kicker is making her debut in the poker world but plays a blinder on here first match. Flown in from Canada, confidence builds fast and at one point she owns the chip lead on table 2. Makes the final table. Fingers is punished heavily and hears the call 'I kicked your poker arse' in his nightmares.

The Boy Plunger grounds his way to the final table but enters with the shortest of short stacks.  As always, his lack of risk taking finds him out in the big game. Playing few hands does not prevent the original joker from disrupting play by being absent from the table, slow play and general mind games. Still, a seat at the final table cannot be sniffed at...

Two Face has jetted in from Canada and is super confident of taking the bracelet across the waters. Plays strong but honours are even after a number of showdowns with Skywalker.  

Skywalker uses force to control the weak poker minds. Bets on many hands and appears to be dominating the table in the early stages. Made honest by the Kicker in a number of showdown hands. A strong return to form.

The Black Cat is quiet... almost silent. Not feeling 100% our feline assassin witnesses a slow reduction in her chip stack value.  Only the bravest man could wager on a Black Cat stand on the final table.
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