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   Ranking Game 9 - The Real Deal triple crown
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   Author  Topic: Ranking Game 9 - The Real Deal triple crown  (Read 1303 times)
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Ranking Game 9 - The Real Deal triple crown
« on: July 26th, 2003, 9:59am »
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1st Real Deal (Dan)
2nd Professor (Ben)
3rd The Poker Shark (Pete)
4th The Hustler (Adam)
5th The Black Cat (Caroline)
6th Hummingbird (Jo)
7th Boy Plunger (Ian)
8th The DOG (Carol)
9th Skywalker (Luke)
10th Five Fingers (Ot)
11th The Fish (Gav)

Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £55.00      
Game Length: 7.20pm - 11.00pm 3 hours 40 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em

Two tables (5 and 6 persons)

Antes double every 30 mins until 21.50pm.  Tables merge.  Antes then double every 20 mins.

Venue: Poker Joker Card Room

Table 1:

Qualifiers - Professor and Real Deal
Out - Five Fingers, Skywalker, Boy Plunger, The DOG

Table 2:

Qualifiers - The Black Cat, The Hustler, The Poker Shark
Out - The Fish, The Hummingbird

Its the first night in the Poker Joker Card Room.  Set a bar target of £100.00, the Jokers do not disappoint racking up £167.00 in the private bar.  Five Fingers spent half the stake money in his enthusiasm.

The Real Deal has done it.  With three ranking game wins in a season he assume true Poker Joker status.  Plays a storming game on the 'table of death' in the early stages and shows some canny skills by doing a deal to sit out the final 30 minutes before the merge.  In the final table out hustles the Hustler, slow playing a hand to win a huge chip advantage.  Shows no mercy and takes the title, the cash, the points, the shirt and the glory. Celebrates in true wrestling fashion.  Respect.

The Professor is the man in form.  In recent months he is consistantly counting his way to the heads up.  Charms the bar staff with the usual gusto ('we need a dealer') and takes it as a personal afront to his dignity to reach the £100.00 booze barrier.  Takes out the Boy Plunger in a famous coup, using a 42 pre-flop all in move to defeat the grinder.

The Poker Shark is on drugs.  On the tablets all night he contributes handsomely to the beer fund by drinking extortionately price orange juice and lemonade all night.  Works a treat as the Shark weathers the early rough seas churned up by the Hustler.  All in a number of times on the night, he plays strong to claim third place and his first ranking point.

The Hustler is dominant pre-merge.  Absolutely thrashes the qualifying table with bluff, bluster and no shortage of hustle.  Strategy starts to fall apart when he starts playing slightly more cautious.  Has a large stack at the final table despite some regular chip leakage.  Is dumbfounded by a Real Deal slow play and spends the rest of the night replaying his sucker move.

The Black Cat is the new Fox.  Yet to win a game, it can only be a matter of time for the sly cool feline.  The hand of the night belongs to the Black Cat.  A 99 pre flop all in pulls a full house (nines over kings) on the river, taking down a Hustler AK flush.  Awesome.  faced with 20 minute antes the time forces the Black Cat to bet and she is disappointed to be out, but has the satisfaction of making the final table.  One to watch.

The Hummingbird is in town and had now read 50% of her book on poker.  As predicted, plays well first half, is out second half.  Needs to read the rest!  Plays solid throughout and is mastering the wild celebration in front of the defeated foe in true Poker Joker style.  Goes all in on the last hand before the merge and is unlucky to not make the final table.

The Boy Plunger is off the wagon and brings to the table his normal game of verbal shinanigans.  In the early stages the grinder plays a blinder.  Takes out Five Fingers QQ with cowboys in the hand, slow playing to get an unnecessary all in move.  Extremely unlucky to lose to a Professor 42 hand.  Not a frequent flier at the Poker Joker table but on this form surely a danger at any game.  A loud table talker turns into a walker.

The DOG plays a quiet game.  Her run of recent good form in the unranked matches appear to have improved her confidence.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said of her cards on the night.  Not really in it long enough to make a mark, her exit coincides perfectly with the Big Brother eviction.  Coincidence or carefully planned action, we shall never know for sure. No positives to take out of tonights game for our canine friend.

Skywalker makes his debut at the Poker Joker table and takes down a run of winning hands.  Coming off the back of two wins in a row at the Fishbowl, the poker jedi cannot force his way into the game.  His mind powers are off key but despite being slowly chipped out of the game, the tales of comebacks keep him respected on the table of death.

Five Fingers starts well.  Wins a nice pot early on and decides to sit on the lead.  Too cautious, watches a number of winning flops pass him by.  Is under a barrage of abuse from his nemisis the Boy Plunger.  In an effort to silence the grinder, an all in move goes tits up to a pair of Plunger cowboys in the hand.  Finger is defeated and the Boy Plunger has the bounty.  The Poker Joker shirt has brought nothing but woe and defeat to Fingers.  Will the curse pass to the next wearer of this glorious trophy?

The Fish has had a bad day, a bad week and tops it off with a bad night at the poker table.  Provoked into action by a rampant Hustler, the Fish tries to make him honest with some mistimed calls.  Swimming upstream, the Fish is first out and assumes dealing duties for the rest of the night.  Did not fly the flag for the Fishbowl in any way, the Shark saves him some dignity.  His usual measured calculating poker play is expected next time. A blip or a sign of things to come?

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Re: Ranking Game 9 - The Real Deal triple crown
« Reply #1 on: August 7th, 2003, 11:10am »
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Well done Fingers. The Murderer's is a top venue. Luck for the Deal so far too.

For the record Plunger collected the Finger's bounty.

When me a Fingers turned up to set up, strangely Hustler was already in the pub claiming he was having a pint after work and wouldn't be playing. His attempts to confuse us as to whether he was playing or not didn't pay off.

I heard that Hustler recouped his loses by making Plunger pay his curry house bill. What a gitish bit of hustling.  

Sorr y if anyone (Plunger) thought I was rushing you on the first table but we were pushed for time.
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