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   Friendly - 03.05.03 DOG lead chokes the jokers
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   Author  Topic: Friendly - 03.05.03 DOG lead chokes the jokers  (Read 801 times)
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Friendly - 03.05.03 DOG lead chokes the jokers
« on: May 4th, 2003, 10:27am »
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1st  DOG (Carol)
2nd Poker Pirate (Jamesie)
3rd The Executioner (Stevie)
4th Five Fingers (Ot)
5th Poker Shark (Pete)
6th The Mouse (Suzy)
7th Professor (Ben)
8th Black Cat (Caroline)
9th The Viking (Cammy)
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £40.00  
Game Length: 21.30pm - 12.30am  3 hours 00 mins  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - 60 mins - antes double 45 mins    
Venue: The Crows Nest

The DOG takes the Jokers from behind, turning the game at the mid point.  With a diminished chip stack, she devours an over confident Five Fingers, calling yet another bluff and pulling AA on the river to leave him stunned.  Still hungry for more, she plays into the Executioner and in a matter of two or three hands has accumulated a massive chip lead.  Plays her advantage flawlessly, raising each time to  put all the decisions on the small stacks.  Her first win for months.  Beware of the DOG.

The Poker Pirate is the man in form.  Second game in two weeks, he is a worthy runner up and must be a favourite for a ranking game win in May. Plays less aggressively than usual and seems content to sit on his one pirate ship of chips.  Heads up he is facing a much larger arsenal and defeat looks inevitable.  Plays some wild cards and doubles up time and time again.  In the final hand, one more double up would even the stacks.  The DOG has the bullets (the second time on the night) and leaves the Pirate jolly rogered.

The Executioner is a high stakes player and this is his first sitting at the Poker Joker table.  Rushes into a large chip lead in the early stages of the game, beating an AK suited hand of Fingers with bullets in the hand (how many aces were in the deck tonight!). Executed  by some loose betting against an unbluffable DOG on the night.   Rarely folds pre-flop, keen to snuff out each and every poker foe.

Five Fingers prepares for the game with five pints in an hour. Plays not a single hand for 50 minutes.  Wins two big pots with JJ and 99 in the hand. Throws it all away  on a weak bluff move against the DOG. Jumps on tilt and plays a number of dubious hands in an effort to win back his pride.  His own worst enemy.

The Poker Shark is making his debut at the Poker Joker table.  A winning online poker player, he pays to see too many flops in the early stages and is facing an uphill task for the rest of the game. The Shark realises his feeding frenzy may be shortlived and mistimed, and changes strategy. Tight play can't save him in the absence of decent cards and the shark fin-ishes fifth.

The Mouse (Suzy) has never played hold em poker and braves the often less than sympathetic joker table.  Puts in a creditable display.  Nibbles away with frequent small bets and cautious safe play.  The right approach for the beginner.  Learning the game in the presence of ruthless determined opponents never likely to result in victory. Enjoyed the game and will return wiser and stronger.

The Professor is a designated driver and arrives at the poker table dry for the first time for a year.  Performance suffers as the normally brash and bullish player turns to the dark side and probabilities. Too much online poker perhaps?  Has it all to prove as an early exit and not a single hand win leave him counting lost opportunities.  

Even sober, The Professor still manages to cause the dispute of the night in the heads up by calling out 'eights and fours'.  The Pirate has an 84 in the hole and is outraged how the Professor can know his hand. Fortunately, the Professor was referring to the blinds and another potential incident is averted.

The Black Cat is first to fall.  Out early and difficult to see where it all went wrong.  Hosting duties may have distracted our usually cautious feline.  Curiosity killed the cat tonight, calling too many hands too expensively to see the river card.  

The Viking (Cammy) arrives late and leaves early after a raid on the poker pot.  Buys into the game without realising that the prize is winner takes all.  Cashes in his chips, the first and last time this is permitted at the Poker Joker table, after just one hour.  Some strong aggressive gambling and pillaging registers him as a future contender prior to his departure.

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