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   Ranking Game 6 - 12.04.03 Fox rocks the status quo
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   Author  Topic: Ranking Game 6 - 12.04.03 Fox rocks the status quo  (Read 930 times)
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Ranking Game 6 - 12.04.03 Fox rocks the status quo
« on: April 12th, 2003, 11:12pm »
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1st The Fox (Sarah)
2nd Professor (Ben)
3rd Pieman (Adam)
4th Boy Plunger (Ian)
5th Five Fingers (Ot)
6th Real Deal (Dan)
7th DOG (Carol)
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £35.00      
Game Length: 8.00pm - 00.00pm 4 hours 00 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 30 mins      
Venue: The Poker Piehouse

Its ranking game time and another tense showdown ensues.  In fact, the 'fun' is seriously being replaced by INTENSE competition on these once a month treats... a true test of poker skills.

The Fox puts in the most dominant display of power poker seen to date at a Jokers table.  

NEVER in trouble from start to finish.  Critical damage inflicted on Fingers with three deuces taking down his cowboys.  Devestates Plunger and breaks his will with bullets in the hand and an ace on the board.  Absolutely destroys the old Professor head to head, winning six hands in a row to turn 75% chip deficit into her first ranking victory. Awesome and UNBEATABLE on the night.

The Professor has a roller coaster of emotions.  Starts slow and does well to hang onto his starting stake.  Calls for a new deck to change his fortune.  Works a treat.  Enters the head to head without putting a foot wrong all night.  Is shellshocked to be bombed off the poker planet by the Fox, who deals out six of the best to leave the Professor smarting.

Pieman is hosting and plays his normal game of strong cards, cheeky banter, double bluff and feigned weakness. Unfortunately feigns strength too often and is taken out in the points, but out of the prizes.  Always a danger.  Pieman is looking for a new poker name... with his style of play can I suggest 'the Magpie'?

magpie  n.

Any of various birds of the family Corvidae noted for their chattering call.  A person who chatters. One who compulsively collects or hoards small objects (often collecting small bright pieces).

The Boy Plunger pulls out a magic hand to knock out the daughter of grinder, the DOG.  Disciplines her with a straight flush 2-6 and laughs in the face of her limp straight.  Is chip leader by a mile and is definately 'allwhite on the night' for a while.  Has one ace and is caught in a hail of bullets as all four are involved in a head to head with the Fox. The Plunger is numb and completely 'trips' out. Doesn't play another hand and grinds his way to defeat. Leaves the table contemplating retirement. Come on Plunger, chin up!

Five Fingers comes in with a plan and a bottle of Evian. No misdemeanors tonight, just a long hard struggle to an early exit. Plays it tight all night but completely gets bitten by a rabid Fox on two crazy hands. Treat a wild animal with disrespect and it will bite you on the a*se. No way back for Fingers, impatience and overconfidence are turning him into chicken fodder. Had a price on his head all night after the Real Deal put a bounty on his head. A fierce rivallry is developing...

The Real Deal looks mean and keen. His bounty on Fingers has stated clear intent to silence any outlaws. Silent in the early stages he is clearly looking to keep his cards quiet and play it cautious.  Loses little but wins less. The bounty hunter pays the price for some poor flops and worse timing. Starts gambling too late. Goes all in for a last desparate attempt to double up, the Pieman calls and dealing duties are assumed for the night. Still league leader despite a rough night on the slate.

The DOG is muzzled for the evening. Our first player to be put down. She's unlucky to run up against the straight flush of a very canny Plunger, who bet slow to get the DOG's dough. The DOG is in a purple haze and never wins a hand. Surely this form can't last.  Spends the rest of the evening sniffing for new money, trying to recruit (hounding?) a clearly cautious Mrs Pieman into playing poker...

The first three in the league finished in the bottom three tonight.  The league remains wide open...

For standings click

Thanks to Adam for hosting and Amanda for a bumper smashing set of nibbles!
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