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   Friendly - 18.03.03 Five Fingers is Mr Floppy
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   Author  Topic: Friendly - 18.03.03 Five Fingers is Mr Floppy  (Read 594 times)
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Friendly - 18.03.03 Five Fingers is Mr Floppy
« on: March 19th, 2003, 6:48am »
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1st  Five Fingers (Ot)  
2nd Professor (Ben)  
3rd Real Deal (Dan)  
4th DOG (Carol)  
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £20.00  
Game Length: 20.00pm - 10.30pm  2 hours 30 mins  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 60 mins  
Venue: Chateau Gardner

Its the Professor's birthday and the Real Deal and Dog have been helping him drink champagne all afternoon.  A game of poker is on the cards.  Five Fingers drives to the chateau for some action.

Five Fingers wins a titanic struggle with the Professor.  The game starts in kamikaze fashion with both the Dog and the Real Deal out in the first 30 minutes.  Starting short handed with just four people unsettles our usually consistant pairing.  

The Dog is first to fall going all in with a pair of 10's in the hand.  The Professor is holding Jacks and doubles up big time.  Talk of 'team Gardner' down the boozer pre-match springs to mind.  However, the Dog's clear disappointment and suspension of birthday privaledges puts this rumour to rest.  

It must be catching as within a couple of hands the Real Deal is taking on a clearly bullish Professor with an all-in move.  His two pairs look strong until the river card when the Professor flops a five and a powerful full-house.  Not for the first time the Real Deal assumes croupier duties.

The head to head looks to be swift too, with the Professor holding over 75% of the chips.  What follows is a classic showdown lasting over two hours.  Five Fingers plays hands often and with some lucky cards is soon holding over 75% of the chips.  He tries to ride it out and be patient when faced with Professor all-in tactics.  Is wittled down until finally he calls a Professor 'bluff' and looks down the barrel of a straight on the river.  Five Fingers is left with just 10% of the chips.  With nothing to lose and five minutes to the doubling of antes, he turns into the Professor and goes all-in on every hand.  Eventually doubles up a few times with some river card saves and the chips are dead level.  

Luck plays a part all night (a sign of tight strong play from both players) and eventually Five Fingers emerges victorious, beating a pair of sevens with two 10's on fourth street.  With all that help from the river card and fourth steet, he is Mr Floppy on the night.
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