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   Friendly - 14.03.03 Foxy Freeroll
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Friendly - 14.03.03 Foxy Freeroll
« on: March 15th, 2003, 2:38pm »
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1st  The Fox (Sarah)  
2nd DOG (Carol)  
3rd Professor (Ben)  
4th Five Fingers (Ot)  
5th Poker Pirate (Jamesie)
6th Real Deal (Dan)  
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £30.00  
Game Length: 12.00pm - 2.00am  2 hours 0 mins  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 30 mins  
Venue: Fingers Card Shack
Another emotionally charged (booze fuelled) evening at the poker table.  It's the Fox's birthday and she's on a free roll with her fellow Jokers putting in her stake.  She makes it pay with strong play and some early chip wins.  Hard to believe she's yet to win a ranking game on form like this.  Takes out the Dog in the one to one by standing up and being counted, didnt back down.

The Dog plays well... again!  Her game is textbook now which may be a weakness but lets face it, she wins more than she loses so what do we know!?!  Still tries to bark her way to victory in the final stages, bullying and bluffing.  The Fox and hound play off for the pot.

The Professor is determined not to be psyched out after losing it in one crazy hand last game.  Concentration is the name of the game, for a while.  As the atmosphere turns highly charged, his mind wonders and he's out.  At least his man 'Jimmy Whirlwind White' won the Poker Million!

Five Fingers is a jeckyll and hyde.  On a drunken day his poker is dirty, devious and downright destructive.  Using a verbal barrage to distract the table, he is a pain in the poker arse.  The Fox isn't falling for any of these shinanigans and calls his bluff.  Good overcomes evil.

The Poker Pirate is off on the rampage.  Aggressive plundering of the early hands but once again, his treasure map is faulty.  Needs to change his game to move up to the next level.

The Real Deal is dead in the water.  It is all or nothing in his poker world and tonight he leaves the Fox to win back his stake.  With all his experience and early exits, he's turning into a great dealer!
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