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   Ranking 4 - 15.02.03 The DOG bites back
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Ranking 4 - 15.02.03 The DOG bites back
« on: February 19th, 2003, 4:02pm »
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1st DOG (Carol)
2nd Exocet (Paul)
3rd Mentalist (Nats)
4th Professor (Ben)
5th Five Fingers (Ot)
6th Black Cat (Caroline)
7th The Fox (Sarah)
8th= The Lawman (Ems)
8th= Poker Pirate (Jamesie)
10th Real Deal (Dan)
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £50.00      
Game Length: 8.00pm - 11.30pm 3 hours 30 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 40 mins      
Venue: Chateau Gardner

Chateau Gardner is close to shambles on a night of explosive poker and argument.  The tension of the ranking event is too much for the Boy Plunger who cries off with an hour to go.

The DOG bites back by winning big in the early stages (river after river saves her).  Keeps her head down as others take each other out.  Enters the final stages with a nice chip lead.  Makes it count and destroys the table.  She's back and revelling in her victory.  Patronised all who fell to her power by offering them a piece of chewing gum (a calling card?) and the words 'Do you want some bluey chewy?'

The Exocet plays another strong game but falls short at the final hurdle once more.  Not involved in too many hands he plays the waiting game.  The only original Poker Joker to retain any dignity on the night.  Must surely convert this effort into a win soon.

The Mentalist wins her first point in Poker Jokers.  Plays aggressive poker, winning big pots in the early hands.  No crazy antics tonight, she's focused and clearly sane.  Definately has the potential to become a regular contender.

The Professor is mad and bad.  Plays lunatic poker, yet again trying to bully the table.  Works well in the early stages.  Comes head to head against a Fingers flush and takes a big hit.  Unable to come back, he grinds in an attempt to pick up the elusive points for a place. Just runs out of steam.  Angry man.

Five Fingers starts a stand up argument with the Professor.  Beats him head to head all in but grabs all the chips, even the ones the Prof hadn't put in.  Blames the Professor for calling all-in when he wasn't.  The swearing and shouting wakes up the Mentalist's baby who wants out of the tummy to get involved.  Fingers poker is poor.  Drunk and sunk.

The Black Cat definately has natural poker talent.  In only her second game she places 6th, beating some veteran players.  Style of play is cautious.  Still finding her feet but definately one for the future.

The Fox is in a poor run of form.  Patience may be a problem.  Never performs well at a bickering table.  Distracted.  Right the Fox of at your peril.  She will return from the foxes den.

The Lawman is a victim of a double ousting by the DOG.  Plays is steady in the early stages and puts his entire stack in on two good cards.  The flop is wanting and he is back to the beat.

The Poker Pirate plunders about in the early hands, trying to intimidate and pick up the blinds.  Too predictable, he makes one raid too many and walks his own plank.

The Real Deal is in a dismal run of form.  Played big on a maybe hand once again, lives up to his name by assuming dealing duties.  Last place again for the master of disaster.

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