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   Ranking 3 - 10.01.03 Fingers crossed the Black Cat
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Ranking 3 - 10.01.03 Fingers crossed the Black Cat
« on: February 19th, 2003, 4:00pm »
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1st Five Fingers (Ot)
2nd The Black Cat (Caroline)
3rd DOG (Carol)
4th Boy Plunger (Ian)
5th The Poker Pirate (Jamesie)
6th Mentalist (Nats)
7th= Real Deal (Dan)
7th= Anaconda (Anna)
9th Wino aka Exocet (Paul)
10th Professor (Ben)
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £50.00      
Game Length: 8.15pm - 01.30pm 5 hours 15 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 45 mins      
Venue: Plungers Palace

Five Fingers wins his first ranking event for 7 months and more importantly that elusive 'point' to silence the Poker Joker 'Inner Sanctum'.  Classic one to one struggle with the Black Cat, a first timer and natural poker player.  An extremely unpopular win with the entire poker mob baying for Finger's blood.  Burns the witch hunt with hot cards and a cold heart.

The Black Cat conjures up a legendary poker display in her first ranking event.  Magical play casts a spell over the experienced poker jokers.  Bags the DOG in a classic, taking all of 10 minutes to decide on the call. Frightens Fingers in the head to head.  Finally commits feline suicide due to pressure to head home.  No doubt next time the Black Cat crosses our paths another night of misfortune is promised.

The DOG plays solid all night and gets her point.  Tries to bully the Black Cat from the table with some aggressive chip play.  Collared by the Black Cat she's ousted from the table.  A bum deal makes the DOG growl, unhappy to have to muck her best hand of the night.  Would not have helped her, the Black Cat had four cards in her hand, she must be a natural!

The Boy Plunger is grinding for England on his home patch.  More Grinders Grotto than Plungers Palace. Serves him well as ever by placing fourth, with only a couple of winning hands in four hours.  Points for endurance if not poker.  Not happy with most things, the points system, the rules, the website.  Poker Jokers would be a less colourful place without him.  No points.

The Poker Pirate must surely be the new name for the sausage roll.  With just a single peg to stand on, he shows he's no stranger to a treasure hunt by aggressively plundering the early chip stacks.  Ultimately the Black Cat devours his parrot and the poker Pirate is forced to walk the plank.  No pieces of eight tonight, afraid 'X' did not mark the spot.

The Mentalist is calm and collected.  Plays cautiously all night before taking an early bath and allowing the Professor to play her last three chips.  The end is swift and the Professor must take the title of the first person to lose twice in the same game.  Respect.

In a game changing hand Five Fingers ousts both the Anaconda and Real Deal.  With four hands on the table, Fingers gambles his entire chip stack and doubles up big time.  

The Anaconda had won a few hands on the night and looked odds on for a long trip.  Slithers onto the sofa and is soon fast asleep.  

The Real Deal is in trouble from the start, taking a number of heavy hits in the early stages.  Cannot repeat his glorious run of form and takes one on the chin.  Two heavyweights leave the table.

The Wino leaves his exocet unarmed.  Arrives after consuming a bottle of wine.  Consumes a couple more during the game.  Chip stack seems to match his bottle level, the final sips coinciding with his last desparate attack.  Fires blanks all night.  Final shot at glory misses the target and the Wino is ready for a lie down.

The Professor has not done his homework.  Too eager to increase his totals, he goes all in early and is a victim of too many hands.  Probability said no, the brain said go.  In true academic fashion, turns to the bottle, helping himself to the whiskey and mulling over what could have been.  Back to the books for the Professor.

Thanks to the Anaconda and Plunger for hosting at the Palace, good night had by all...

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