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   05.07.02 Real Deal - Big Game Hunter
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   Author  Topic: 05.07.02 Real Deal - Big Game Hunter  (Read 990 times)
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05.07.02 Real Deal - Big Game Hunter
« on: May 14th, 2003, 9:57am »
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The Results from 05.07.02 were:

1st. Real Deal (Dan)
2nd. Fingers (Ot)
3rd. DOG (Carol)
4th. Fox (Sarah)
5th. Professor (Ben)
6th. Houdini (Steve)
7th= Lawman (Ems)
7th= Boy Plunger (Ian)
7th= Mentalist (Nats)
10th Yellow Flag (Tom)
Last Wino (Paul)
Last Real Deal (Dan)

Prize fund: 5.00 each - total first prize 55.00
Game Length: 4 hours (10.00pm to 2.00am)
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 45 mins
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 16 and 32
Venue: Chateau Gardner

The Real Deal bags the big names as he proves he is the Big Game Hunter, always on form at the huge table. He is the peoples champion as he defeats an overconfident but rampant Fingers.

'Luvvly Jubbly'

Fingers is down and out in the early stages as as he soaks up the vitreol and abuse from the table. He is the Millwall of Poker. Turns the game by taking out the Flag on the river. Continues to build up a mass of chips. Stunned to lose in the at the last hurdle.

'I'm exhausted mentally. The only gentlemen present tonight were the ladies (!?)'

DOG plays strong solid cards as ever but runs out of steam in the final stages, wilting under the pressure of the Real Deal. Even a quick chew on a bone can't save her and she leaves the table shaking her head looking in a dark mood, without a single word.

The Fox has a good game but never quite has enough to defeat the pack leaders. Extreme highs at times, she is absolutely exultant. Too many lows in the end finish her. Pleasant and courteous at all times, is it time she become less 'basil brush', showed some teeth and moved into the winners circle. A true lady not to join the mob baying for Fingers blood.

'We love you Ottie and I don't mind losing to the master either (Real Deal)'

Professor is grumbling, he's shouting and generally trying to ruffle feathers. Unfortunately his cards are ominously silent and he is lucky to get this far. Manages to defeat his bogie opponent Flag at last, but this is a small consolation. In denial about his form. Expelled.

'I played great, I had nuts cards all night'

Houdini has quickly grasped the essence of poker and is abusive, drunk, loud and almost devoid of the rules of poker at times. Hasnt smoked for a year but makes a bid for the tabs late on. The Jokers save him from himself, the cards don't.

'You fuc*ker'

Lawman is a victim of a Fingers three player murder plot. Plays pretty well but inexperience lets him down. Claims he was cheated. Are these the scales of justice talking? Busted.

'You're a cheeky rude boy'

Plunger is drunk and as disruptive as ever. These tactics need calling to order. Clearly not confident in his card ability, he has to revert to gamesmanship. League campaign is fading away. One of the 'lynch Fingers' ringleaders, got his comeupance. Fingers has the last word and sends him home.

'Another point deducted for Fingers'

The Mentalist is has regained a bit of her old mad and bad form. Wins the early hands. True to form attempts to unhinge the competition by frothing budweiser at the mouth in a spillage moment. When it comes to poker she is definately mental by name, mental by nature. Another victim of Fingers 'three out' hand.


The Yellow Flag had travelled three hours from London just for the chance to take on the Jokers. After ten minutes the Flag is burnt by a Fingers river killer. The London Mob may need to send another champion at this rate. Unlucky but nevertheless, still no match for the Poker Jokers.

'Fu*k the river card'

The Wino is on the coca cola tonight and everyone is predicting danger from our form player. However, Wino disappoints and crashes all in and all out within four hands and five minutes. Out too fast to be disappointed, he keeps on smiling. Back to the bottle young man...


A game of epic proportions ends with our big game hunter victorious.

Bring on the next ranking game in August at The Candy Factory, I am hoping to find a golden ticket for this event.

By Professor on Saturday, July 06, 2002 - 06:14 pm:

There was a secondary game, i dont remeber much about it but i think yellow flag won about 15.

By Fingers on Saturday, July 06, 2002 - 06:15 pm:

The second game was a social event (not ranking) and should be recorded briefly in that area. I wasn't there for the end so can someone else post result. I remember being last!
Big Dog
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Re: 05.07.02 Real Deal - Big Game Hunter
« Reply #1 on: May 14th, 2003, 9:59am »
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