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   16.06.02 Professor chucks up a staggering victory
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16.06.02 Professor chucks up a staggering victory
« on: May 14th, 2003, 9:53am »
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The Results from 16.06.02 were:

1st. Professor (Ben)
2nd. Yellow Flag (Tom)
3rd. Boy Plunger / Grinder (Ian)
4th. Fingers (Ot)
5th. Wino (Paul)
6th. The Real Professor (Charlie)
Last Real Deal (Dan)

Prize fund: 5.00 euro each - total first prize 20.00
Game Length: 1 hours 15 mins (3.45pm to 5.00pm)
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double after each full round of hands
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 16 and 32
Venue: The English Channel (Sea France Ferry)

Offshore action for the jaded Poker Joker stag party. The game that nearly never was is not turbo poker, more like suicide poker!

Wino's LATE excursion to fill the minibus (miss the ferry) with booze has raised the tension at the table...

Professor has a miracle run of quality cards after calling time out for 20 minutes and running, very pale, for the lavatories. This tactic completely 'throws' the remaining contestants and Professor returns near death but with all the 'bullets'.

In a matter of minutes the Professor is victorious as well as nausious.

Stewards enquiry anyone?

Yellow Flag is on fire. Plays the usual emergency tactics, bluffs big and wins heavy in the early stages. Looks odds on before the break but has no answers to the Professors zombie action. Another impressive result.

Grinder reverts to form and plays about three hands all night. Folds more often than a chamber maid. Places third with the chips he started with (more or less). The Plunger must still be in Le Touquet. Not sure whether he's coming or going but happy with third. Lacks ambition...

Fingers is a shadow of his former self. A lack of confidence and a fear of gambling has destroyed his game. Not even a good grinder as chips and patience runs out and he gambles on scraps. Lucky to place so highly. Would have been better off going to the lavatory and staying there.

Wino's mind was still in Calais and the 'lost' off license. Still plays the same style, aggressive betting and numerous hands. Comes up short on this occasion. Are the Jokers getting wise to the Wino's tactics? Who knows but the threat of Wino calling them all 'wan*ers' and blowing kisses to their birds is on their minds as they tiptoes around of form player!

After a weekend with the Poker Jokers the Real Professor is a veteran. Plays cards efficiently but is still easy prey for the counterfeit Professor. Out early but danger signs are there for the future. May need poker counselling after such an intensive induction to the great game.

Real Deal is affected badly by the missed cheap booze cruise opportunities and tries to console himself by playing like a lunatic! Out in a matter of two or three hands. Returns later with carrier bags full of f*gs, bottles of fire water and a big smile. Getting his priorities right...
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