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Nikk Muir

Paisley Poker
« on: April 30th, 2003, 10:25am »
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   I can't seem to get a good game going in my area. I live in Paisley, in West Central Scotland, close to Glasgow but the only game I've ever had is a local one with friends. At the risk of sounding big headed, it just isn't difficult anymore. I would like to know if there are any other active groups that meet regularly in my area and if you'd be willing to take on another player.

   Cheers,    Nikk  

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Re: Paisley Poker
« Reply #1 on: May 1st, 2003, 6:38am »
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sounds like you should be testing your skills down the casino card rooms against more serious competition...

Poker Card Room Directory:
Gala Casino
Earl Grey Place, Dundee, DD1 4DE, Scotland
Phone: (44) 1382-201-888

Gala Maybury Casino
5 S. Maybury Rd., Edinburgh, EH12 8NE, Scotland
Phone: 44 (0) 131 338 4444

Gala Riverboat Casino
61, Broomielaw, Glasgow, G1 4RJ, Scotland
Phone: (44) 0 141-226-6000

Gala Rotunda Casino
28a, Tunnel Street, Glasgow, G3 8HL, Scotland
Phone: (44) 141-243-2430

Stanley Berkeley Casino
2, Rutland Place, Edinburgh, EH2 2AD, Scotland
Phone: (44) 131-228-4446

Stanley Casino
506/516 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3LW, Scotland
Phone: [44] 0 141-332-0992

Stanley Edinburgh Casino
5b, York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EB, Scotland
Phone: (44) 131-624-2121

alternatively, i did a quick search online for you and a number of people are asking the same question... i don't know if these contacts may be able to help and aint too hot on Scotland geography...  Anyway, some examples:

Future WSOP Champions
Glasgow: west; sometimes Cambuslang or Edinburgh

Contact Martin Dunbar at martin AT
About every 10 days: Saturdays popular; 21:00 to 01:30..04:00
Hold'Em, Omaha(hi and hilo, 7stud(hi&hilo), 5stud, Draw(+bug,wilds), others including 'crazy's
Pot limit (Hold'Em sometimes fixed or no-limit). Big blind 25p or 50p, antes 10p or 25p. Standard buy-in 10quid.
Cards supplied by host: occasional bulk buys split between those present. Quality chips used so little change required.
Generally 6 to 10 players so not desperate for more but like to meet new faces fish?. Game has run for 3 years and is lively [boozy]. Academics, GPs, architect, fine art conservator, nightclub manager, coputer techies, etc.

The Glasgow Mariners

Contact Tim Mui email - mui AT
Usually twice a month (trying to make it weekly) Fri/Sat 9pm -2am...4am
Pot limit Hold'em, Omaha, Stud and Draw
Buy-ins 3, blinds 20p, five buy-ins should last the night
Informal, friendly game, bring your own booze and food. Chips used so no need to bring change.
Game has only been running for 6 months, everyone is a beginner. Four to five players all recent graduates, under 30. We're looking for new players to allow the game to be played weekly.
Everyone welcome apart from good poker players!!!!!!!!!!

Poker Hard
Fife (near Edinburgh) Scotland

Duncs; private_prod AT
Sunday evenings usually 7/8 start. Lasts about 3 hours (can easily be changed)
No-limit texas hold'em
5-10 freezeout: 2000-3000 in chips, 25/50 blinds going up every half hour.
We're pretty much beginners, just playing low stakes at the moment.
Looking to join in a couple of home games as well as struggling to get 6 folk to play in ours.

my advice to you is to go onto and type in the keywords:

poker home game scotland

you will receive a number of irrelevant pages but contacts of this kind will result.

Thanks for your visit Lemon Man.

The Poker Gofer
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