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Title: Friendly - 27.04.03 101 club (dead zone)
Post by: Five Fingers on 04/27/03 at 14:30:36
It's 3.00am and the Real Deal, Professor and Five Fingers are not ready to end the poker session.

The 101 club is formed (Professor had wittled his bankroll down to £1.01 before the start).

The black chips are debuted for exclusive use in this dead zone.

Five Card Stud

Limit five card stud results in some careful betting. †

The Poker Jokers are used to no limit and any raise that doesn't endanger the entire stack is dismissed as an opportunity! †Three of a kind is the highest hand †to hit the board in 90 minutes.

The limit is removed and the game is over within five minutes, with a victorious Real Deal our first 101 club winner. †

The time is 4.30am... the dead zone.

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