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Title: 13.06.02 Wino wins again to be the King of London
Post by: Five Fingers on 05/14/03 at 09:51:31
The Results from 13.06.02 were:

1st. Wino (Paul)
2nd. Real Deal (Dan)
3rd. Boy Plunger / Grinder (Ian)
4th. The Real Professor (Charlie)
5th. Professor (Ben)
6th. Yellow Flag (Tom)
Last Candyman(Alex)

Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £35.00
Game Length: 3 hours 00 mins (11.40pm to 2.40am)
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double after 45 mins
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 16 and 32
Venue: Tommy's Love Palace in the big smoke

Poker Jokers makes its debut in the capital and it’s the country boys that shine. The game takes a while to get started as spirits are high following a night out watching some of London’s finest entertain - plenty of poles and not a fireman in sight. What with pizza being ordered; cigars being smoked; whisky being poured; and Tommy tirelessly searching for the ‘special’ cards that he bought on holiday (the 8 of hearts being a particular treat – I’m sure you shouldn’t be able to put a whole fist there!) it took 45 minutes to play the first 3 hands… The Wino continued his excellent run by playing almost immaculate cards all night and was the favourite from the start. Having remained sober so that he could drive everyone back from the club, he was bound to start strongly but could he maintain his cool in the presence of so much alcohol? The answer was an emphatic yes! After lots of early betting in the first hand of the night he took the pot with Donald, Huey, Dewey & Louie (2222)…a remarkable hand under normal circumstances, but merely run-of-the-mill for the Wino tonight. He pulled out an AAJJJ full house soon after and finished the night off with a massive AAAA. Only he knows what other great hands fate may have dealt him as he won a series of tricks without even having to turn his cards over - his opponents folding in the face to the Wino onslaught. If this form is anything to go by he’ll be leaving France with his pockets jammed full of Euro’s…The Real Deal’s disastrous performances of late were forgotten as he played some of his best cards in a long time. Managing to avoid his usual series of ‘All In’s’ he was the only man to worry the Wino all night. Following a run of winning hands mid-game he took a slight chip lead going into the one-on-one. Unlucky at the last, his AAQQ was destroyed by the Wino’s AAAA and the game was over…

Title: Re: 13.06.02 Wino wins again to be the King of Lon
Post by: Five Fingers on 05/14/03 at 09:51:45
The Grinder did what the Grinder does best by grinding the hell out of everyone. His chips don’t come cheap as they rarely see the middle of the table. Gunning for ranking points he folded hand after hand - only staying in if the betting was light, his raises were rarer than a French World Cup goal. Although not seen much, he was often heard as he tried to psych out all around him. He would wait for minutes at a time before folding his hand, he would fake big raises and ‘All-in’s’, he screamed ’girl thingy’ at anyone who didn’t bet and he rejoiced every time someone bit the dust…playing for a place he picked the hands he stayed in on very carefully and more often than not won them…. never having enough chips to be a contender the Real Deal finally took him out – but he got his third place and he was happy… The Real Professor was not only debuting at Poker Jokers…he was debuting at poker. Living up to his name he spent the entire evening with his head down studying 2 laminated ‘order of hands’ cards as he learnt his trade. The Wino showed him no mercy as in the very first hand he took him for a fistful of chips. After being told by the Wino that two pairs is a very strong hand, you can imagine the Real Professors surprise when his QQ88 was taken by said Wino’s 2222! As is usually the case with beginners though he started strongly with some tasty hands. Betting in every round his chips were the busiest early on as he lost a few then won them back. Suddenly his game plan changed and he learnt to fold’em with a grinder’s regularity. Coming back into the game when there were just 4 left at the table he was taken out by both the Wino and the Real Deal in quick succession. His first game of poker over…he didn’t win tonight but he’s definitely got a future… The Professor had another one of those nights, with his aggressive style of play simply not reaping the rewards that he felt he deserved. After seeing off the first 2 players he decides to bet big. Going All-In he took the pot. This victory, along with a lot of booze, gave him undue confidence as he declared ‘once you’ve gone all-in you fear nothing…’ This bravado led to us getting the most anticipated head-to-head since Lewis fought Tyson. Going all-in again on a nothing hand a lone player decides to take him on and finally we get the match-up we wanted – The Professor v The Real Professor. The bluff is exposed and the Professor is out - angry with himself for his schoolboy error… ‘never try to bluff a bloody beginner.’ He spends the rest of the night drinking and cursing…harassing anyone left playing in an effort to speed up the game so that we can start again. It doesn’t work and his next game will have to wait for foreign shores… Yellow Flag played cautiously (for him) at the start…mainly because he was still disappointed at his failure to find his porno cards, which he knew would bring him luck. Suddenly its as if he realises its still only 12.40 and if he finishes the game quickly there is a chance he could get back to Brown’s for the last dance of the night. Going ‘All-In’ on an 8 high he is unsurprisingly sent packing – the two London based players shamed and out in only 6 hands!. Luckily his hosting was more impressive than his playing and he kept everybody well fed and watered. Thanks must go to him for making the first London game a goodie. The Candyman, along with Yellow Flag, was finally on home turf and ready to take some country money. Instead he shocked everyone by playing some of the worst cards ever seen. Having got two 2nd places in big games he was looking forward to doing well in the all-important third game that would finally see him enter the ranking table. Instead he lost big on the first hand of the night and never recovered his composure. Going All-In on only the fourth hand his 1010 was no match for the Real Deal’s AA and he was gone. It took him a while to recover and his some of his early dealing in the aftermath was as bad as his playing. Blamed his lack of concentration on the guilt he felt at being discovered as WIP...may have to wear a dress at the next game as punishment! So we have another good win for the Wino, the form player of the moment. Fingers was sorely missed and I hope he makes it to France in good time. I trust he will sort out the ranking implications of the game - although I wouldn't mind too much if he didn't! A final big up has to go to Grinder for sorting out the tee-shirts - it was the smartest looking game in history...

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