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Title: 21.09.02 GroundDOG Day
Post by: Five Fingers on 05/14/03 at 09:02:15
The Results from 21.09.02 were:

1st. DOG (Carol)
2nd. Professor (Ben)
3rd. Five Fingers (Ot)
4th. Exocet (Paul)
5th. Boy Plunger (Ian)
6th. The Fox (Sarah)
Last Real Deal (Dan)

Prize fund: 5.00 each - total first prize 35.00
Game Length: two hours 30 mins
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 30 mins
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 32 and 64
Venue: Forte Brag

Game hosted at Finger's mums place.

The DOG is supreme champion yet again. Easily the biggest winner this season with still one ranking game to play.

Deja vu, the DOG plays is solid all the way through. Never in danger she gnaws away at Fingers and devours the Professor at the end game. Valuable points pull the DOG into second place in the table.

'Oops, I let out a little chuckle'

Professor is drinking Stella with red wine chasers. Absolutely drunk but not so mixed up with his poker. Looks down and out early but fights back with outrageous bravado. Works a treat. Loses to his missus yet again.

Fingers is a magnet for the Real Deal's dough. Builds up a big chip lead but tries to grind all the way to the end. Goes mad and tries to bluff a very tipsy Professor. Fingers burnt. Never recovers. Takes it well.

Exocet is the seven player table specialist (two wins). Confident play takes out the Boy Plunger. His lift home is less than pleased, particularly when Exocet starts acting like it was an accident! Casualty of the Professor blitz.

'I just hope I get home alright'

Boy Plunger wins his first hand since the 21st July to rapturous applause. The taste of victory goes to his head and his grinding becomes more 'grrrrr'inding. Aggressive style not his natural game, he's stabbed in the back by the Exocet. Stunned silence. Falls to third in the championship table.

'There'll be three empty seats in my car on the way back home'

The Fox thinks she's wino. Downs a bottle of white wine in record time. Second bottle shattered on floor as subconsious move saves her from poker hangover. Doesn't save her game mind you. The Fox is never in it. Worst performance for some time. Alchopopped.

'I should stick to Chardonnay, South African wine just doesnt work for me.'

The Real Deal is crazy. Is all in and all out in a matter of a few hands. Fingers a grateful recepient. Lives up to his name as he deals the rest of the night. Needed a bigger table! Donates a bottle of Jamesons whiskey to the poker bag. Respect.

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