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Title: Royal Flush
Post by: Lawman on 09/08/05 at 13:13:02
Finally got dealt a Roayl Flush today.

I was playing a $5 10 person sit and go tournie and had got to heads up with $6660 v $ 8340.

Dealt Kc 10c I go all in from the small blind of $600 and got called by the other guy with Jh 4h.

Flop brings Qc Jc Kd so I'm in good shape and turn of 10s gives us both the straight draw and I'm fearing a chopped pot even with my over pair KKs.

River brings Ac and I am gob smacked and $13320 to $ 1680 chip leader!

I went on to win that 2 hands later and got $25 for the table win and a T shirt from as a bonus for the Royal. Couple that with a good start for England in the Ashes at the Oval and I say I'm having a good day!

Title: Re: Royal Flush
Post by: Five Fingers on 09/08/05 at 20:37:14
a bloody t-shirt! thats taking the piss!

do they know the odds of getting a Royal Flush are 649,739 (six hundred thousand +!) to 1.  thats 10 t-shirts every 5 million hands!

tight wads.

nice one though.

Title: Re: Royal Flush
Post by: Lawman on 09/09/05 at 13:01:10
It was 'cos it was a sit n go. If it had been in a ring game I would have got ten times the big blind or something: certainly a cash prize.

The sad thing is I was delighted with a T shirt and didn't stop smiling all day! I never win prizes and will treasure my 'Royal garb' forever! Expect to see it at a poker table near you soon!

Title: Re: Royal Flush
Post by: Five Fingers on 09/10/05 at 10:21:28
has it arrived then?! i am a little envious and look forward to seeing it at the tourney on the 8th!

Title: Re: Royal Flush
Post by: pokerking78 on 09/22/05 at 03:51:11
soo cool,I haven't get royal flush

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