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Title: live poker help
Post by: dandingdong on 07/20/05 at 22:06:34
Hi guys.
I have been playing online for about a year and am thinking about playing some live poker at the casino in Luton. I don't know what to expect or how much money to take. If someone could give me some idea of what to expect and some do's and don'ts it would be much appreciated.

Title: Re: live poker help
Post by: Five Fingers on 07/21/05 at 21:08:11
hi there

you could visit our sister site

will post more at later date... but Professor is a regular casino player and will have some tips next time he logs on.


Five Fingers

Title: Re: live poker help
Post by: trinity on 08/17/05 at 06:56:15
what do you wanna know?
is it your first time in a real casino?
cuz if the answer is yes then i can tell you this..
it wont be the can be better or worst but different.
the pokergame is usually different,but i think its a nice expiriance
about the money - nothing less than 200$ i think

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