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Title: hi
Post by: linardi on 05/19/05 at 20:22:50
i'm new to the site and to poker in general i am not that good at online poker but would love to get better i play alot of online poker at bugsyclub under the neme eyesonly  ;D ;

Title: bad beats
Post by: Five Fingers on 05/19/05 at 21:41:50
hello linardi

i play alot too, but dont recall bumping into you. which games do you play? sit and go's or tourneys?  real money or free chips (hope that question doesnt sound insulting!?).

i will look out for you.

i lose more than i win but in a 10 game streak earlier this month placed first 4 times, 2nd twice and 3rd 3 times. trouble is you have to play so cautiously to win i get bored and lose the lot on the 10th game!

thats poker i guess...

hope to see you around



Title: Re: Bad beats
Post by: linardi on 05/19/05 at 22:14:14
i only just started playing there a month ago i haven't seen u either i play tourneys only real and play money usually freerolls especially the wsop freeroll play that at least once a day hope to see u to ( hope to take all your chips aswell  ;) )

Title: Re: hi
Post by: Spareone on 07/15/05 at 17:33:03
Hi Linardi, I'm new here too, i've being playing poker for a couple of months on a different site. I'm not very good either! See you around.

Title: Re: hi
Post by: pokerking78 on 09/22/05 at 03:58:40
I think this is a good place for discussing poker.

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