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Post by: ImrichBeatch on 01/12/05 at 08:46:49
I sat with a younger kid today, who was telling me about this hand. He had just got back from a trip to vegas he took with his fraternity. He told me about this table he found at about 4:00am at the Tropicana or Circus Circus or something. Anyway they found a low stakes NL game with no max buy in. On the table was this older gentleman that was three sheets to the wind and had almost $60,000 in chips infront of him. He was going all in with anyone at the table with almost any hand. The dealers all said he was some eccentric millionare with old oil money or something. Anyway the kid I was talking to went back and got all his frat brothers to put in money until he raised about $10,000. The plan was to make one big score and get out.
The kid sat and watched this maniac, folding hand after hand occasionally limping where he could. Until he this one hand. He had limped in with <3s3d>. Two other guys and the maniac limped in as well. The Flop came <3c3hJd> The kid bet out a very small amount hoping to slow roll one of the other players, the maniac went over the top of him a hefty amount and the other two folded. The kid then raised the maniac a good size amount. The old man thought for a sec and raised the kid almost half the kids stack. The kid just looked at the old man an said "well I guess ill just go all in then" and the old man eventually called.Bonus Codes: The kid flipped over the quads he had just flopped and began to high five and bask in the praise he was recieving by virtually evreyone drawn to there table in the entire cardroom because of the big action. He was so over joyed thinkin about how he was going to be a hero for doubleing his friends money, and all the pimp stuff he could but that he didnt even pay any attention to the turn or the river. If he did he would have noticed it came down <4h><6h>. He told me he just about threw up when he saw the man turn over <2h5h>. What are the Odds? Have you ever heard a worse bad beat story?

Post by: andytheman on 09/14/05 at 18:26:31
well that is just sick. I feel sorry fore the pour guy ???

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