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Title: College Poker Championship Help?
Post by: College_Poker on 08/31/04 at 12:11:42
Hi guys,

I new to the poker world or should I say online poker world. I have played with a couple friends every now and then but I need some help with playing poker. My friends got me into online poker last year with the CollegePokerChampionship 2004 tourney that they held last year. But even there I only managed to play 3 tourneys/games and didn't do well. they have entered me into the CollegePokerChampionship 2005 season and this time I want to show them that I can do well. I want to surprise them all by qualifying for the main online event. So I have done my homework on poker books but there is so many out there!

Can somebody please at least tell me what books they used and which ones are most helpful as I am a student with a limited bankroll and time and to buy the wrong book could be pokerlife-threatening...

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. who knows, maybe I win and mention your name on ESPN as the person who helped me kick it off my career.

Thanks Again

Title: Re: College Poker Championship Help?
Post by: Five Fingers on 08/31/04 at 23:31:32
hi TJ

theres a saying that poker books ruin your game and theres some truth in it if you ask me... however, thats not to say we aint well read!

if you are playing online poker i wouldnt bother with the books. i have played many online tourneys with 400 players and reached the final table a number of times using the simple strategy of grinding, theres no other way.

fold everything and wait ... and wait ... and wait... until you get high pairs or AK. then go all in! you need a little luck but will be playing the odds... as the blinds go up so slowly and you start with a big chip stack you shouldnt be anted away.

you might want to be reading your book on real poker at the time as this strategy is like watching paint dry. highly effective though.

as for good poker books at the intermediate level...

i liked the following to improve understanding of reading players:

The Education of a Poker Player

i liked the following to understand how improve my Hold Em game:

Thursday-Night Poker: Understand, Enjoy, Win

i have no doubt others will have differing opinions! I have read some of the 'system' books but find no enjoyment in becoming a poker robot...

you might of course...

Title: Re: College Poker Championship Help?
Post by: Five Fingers on 08/31/04 at 23:45:58
alternatively i would recommend reading Steve Badgers Winning Guide to Online Poker on the web. i have put the links below:

i found the part talking about online tells really helpful but you have to watch (use!) the double bluff!

Good luck!


Title: Re: College Poker Championship Help?
Post by: The Professor on 09/01/04 at 11:35:43
Author  Vorhaus, John  
Title  Killer poker online, crushing the internet game  
Class  795.412  
Codes  040504s2003 us W 00000 eng  
Publisher  Lyle Stuart, 2003  

:D Just like the title

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