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Title: BIG ONE 2002: Qualifier 1 - Candyman and the Bird
Post by: Five Fingers on 11/01/04 at 15:47:12
The Table 1 results from 19.10.02 were:


Candyman (Alex)
Hummingbird (Jo)

Did not Qualify (position based on exit time):

6th. Fingers (Ot)
9th. The Fox (Sarah)
11th Real Deal (Dan)
13th Professor (Ben)

Prize fund: 10.00 each - table fund 60.00
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 40 mins
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 4 and 8
Venue: Plunger Lakes

Table 1 is a cagey affair, with people donning shades and being playing cautious cards.

The Humming Bird states she has read a book at the start but is dismissed as no threat. Beginners never survive long.

The Professor is first out, trying some outrageous bluffs and running into Fingers. Poker Champion he may be, but in the tournament format he needs extra tutor time. Expelled early. Stay after school.

'The Champ is a chump' - Plunger

The Real Deal is unhappy with his cards and comes out fighting. Keeps it in the family by joining his brother in a spectator roll. A big table would have suited the Deal, needs to rethink his short game to have any chance next year.

'f**k it'

The Fox comes to the table, fresh from a victory the night before. Must have used up all her luck as she is never in the qualfier, chips wittled away. After a quiet period, she is the second casualty in a crazy ten minutes.

'Its been fun'

Fingers is serious, he's been waiting for this all year. Plays steady all evening and amasses an early chip lead. With the antes raised he panics and is the third victim in a mad end to the game.

'I was way too passive man'

Candyman and Hummingbird have the same stack and do a deal. The final ten minutes to the bell for the final see no action. The coalition takes both players to the final table with a chance.

Candyman is unbluffable, soft in the centre but hard on the outside. The Bird has matured into a phoenix, emerging from the flames a strong player.

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