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Title: Sklanskys Hand Rankings
Post by: Five Fingers on 08/08/06 at 15:06:08
These hand rankings first appeared in David Sklanskys book Essays on Poker. The rankings are as follows, with an 's' indicating suited and an 'x' indicating a small card. Note that 10 is represented as 'T'. Also, if no 's' appears, the the hand is not suited.

Gp 1 Gp 2 Gp 3 Gp 4 Gp 5 Gp 6 Gp 7 Gp 8
AA TT 99 T9s 77 66 44 87
KK AQs JTs KQ 87s AT J9 A9
QQ AJs QJs 88 Q9s 55 64s Q9
JJ KQs KJs QTs T8s 86s T9 76
AK ATs 98s KJ KT 53s 42s
AQ J9s QJ QT 33 32s
AJ JT 54s 98 96s
KTs 76s K9s 43s 85s
97s J8s 22 J8
Axs 75s Kxs J7s
65s T7s 65
Q8s 54

Source: Holdem Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth

Title: Holdem Poker for Advanced Players
Post by: Five Fingers on 08/08/06 at 15:31:06

Sklansky and Malmouth promise to turn you into a great holdem player. Unfortunately they try to do so by explaining every variation of hands, table positions and betting patterns in the Universe.

By the two thousandth set play I started feeling as if I had been beaten about the head with a poker baseball bat.

Worse, I was becoming increasingly confused.

Can you really prepare for every eventuality? I was becoming paralysed by knowledge and had visions of sitting at the poker table trembling with fear, trying to remember what Sklansky would do if the player four seats to my right was wearing a yellow hat and biting the nail on his left hand little finger.

Thats not to say there isnt some excellent poker tips within this book. The mechanics of the game have been dissected and dissected again. Indeed it is bible-esque in the shear scale of the project.

And thats the point. I think, being a great player is a divine gift, not something you explain using maths and tables.

If you want to win playing tight, dull, grinding, soul destroying poker, this is for you. If you would rather lose a few but keep a personality, go elsewhere.

Perfect as a toilet read when you have a spare five minutes. It just doesn't read coherently as chapters.

Top Tip: Sklansky and Malmouth have ranked starting hands into groups. Using the strategies of Sklansky should turn the beginner / intermediate player into a regular contender.

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