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Title: Flush rules
Post by: The Fish on 05/11/03 at 01:25:38
Okay, what am I missing here!?  Have been on Ultimate Bet for a few hours today.   Been playing some great poker, but this hand is puzzling me...

I managed to get a flush, but in the showdown I see that both the other guys have a flush too.  I'm thinking split pot, but it all goes to TimMurf.  Why?

River (board: Kh 9d 3d Ad 2d):

         spieler checks.   TimMurf bets 100.   Pistolpg folds.  
         Onyx26 raises to 200.   spieler re-raises to 300.  
         TimMurf re-raises to 400.   Onyx26 calls 400.   spieler
         calls 400.  



    TimMurf shows Kd 2s.
    TimMurf has Kd 9d 3d Ad 2d: flush, ace high.
    Onyx26 mucks cards.
    (Onyx26 has 5d 8h.)
    spieler mucks cards.
    (spieler has Qd 8s.)

Title: Re: Flush rules
Post by: The Poker Gofer on 05/12/03 at 07:59:12
the A high flush is held by a number of players.  however, the total value in a five card hand is used.  as a result, the K comes into play.  The winner had an AK flush.

The Poker Gofer

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