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Title: gofer a drink
Post by: PUSSY on 05/01/03 at 17:35:28
Can you suggest ( buy me) the perfecr poker drink?

Title: Re: gofer a drink
Post by: The Poker Gofer on 05/01/03 at 18:38:36
girl thingy

i was going to say you have been exposed but thought that inappropriate... i know who you are...

anyway, how about these...

Silver Bullet(s)

1 1/2 oz. Gin, Splash of Scotch
Shake or stir with ice to serve on the rocks, or Strain to serve up in a chilled thingytail glass

(The) Nuts & Berries

Recipe: in 12 oz. glass w/ ice
1 1/4 oz. Chambord, 1 1/4 oz. Frangelico
fill w/ half & half shake and enjoy

Jack Off

1/2 oz. each of: Jack Daniels & Bailey's
Shake with ice, Strain into a Shot glass

Texas (Holdem) Sweat

Equal parts of; Grenadine, Green Creme de Menthe, Cuervo & Bacardi Rum
Layer in order into a Pony or Shot glass

Royal (Flush) Peach

1 oz. Crown Royal, 1/2 oz. Peach Schnapps, Splash of Sour Mix
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled thingytail glass or serve on the rocks. Garnish with a cherry.

Quarter Deck (of cards)

1 1/2 oz. Rum, Splash of Dry Sherry & Lime juice
Stir over ice & Strain into a chilled thingytail glass

Mud Pack (of cards)

Recipe: 1 oz baileys irish cream, 1/2 oz white creme de cocao, 1/2 oz tia maria coffee liquer
Comments: fill glass with ice and make sure to pour the baileys in last

Muddy River (card)

1 oz. each of: Kahlua, Vodka, Baileys
Stir over ice, Serve in a large Rocks glass

Malibu Shuffle

Recipe: 1oz light rum, 2oz malibu rum, 1oz 99 bananas
fill with orange juice splash of meyers rum on top

King Alphonse

1 oz. Dark Creme de Cacoa, Cream
Layer Cream on top of Creme de Cacao in a Pony glass, Spear cherry & place on top of glass


Recipe: 1 oz Brandy - 1/2 oz Bailey's - 1/2 oz fresh hot coffee
Comments: To do this shooter you need 2 shot glasses per person. One contains the brandy and the other one has the bailey's and coffee. Make sure your coffee is fresh and hot to warm up the Bailey's. To drink it: Take the two shooters in your hands, drink the Brandy shot first and the mixed shot right after.

I can feel a THEME NIGHT coming on!

The Poker Gofer

PS. and if poker isn't your bag...

Russian Roulette

2 parts Gin, 1 part Kahlua
Float Kahlua over Gin in a thingytail glass, When Kahlua sinks, Drink

I need to get our more...

Title: Re: gofer a drink
Post by: PUSSY on 05/02/03 at 17:19:05
No you dont ,waterboy :P

Title: Re: gofer a drink
Post by: trinity on 08/01/05 at 11:11:18 big is your winning pot..
if its your day and you are sitting on a huge amount of chip - go for the blue lable...more than 30$ a shot
if its not your poker day- go for vodka..chip and make you forget the bad luck..

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