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Title: Positively Fifth Street
Post by: Five Fingers on 05/03/06 at 20:14:51
By James McManus

Read this book? What did you think?

Title: Re: Positively Fifth Street
Post by: The Lawman on 05/06/06 at 19:39:01
A true account of how a journo managed to play his way into the WSOP Main Event all the way to the final table interspersed with his coverage of the ongoing murder trial following the killing of Ted Binion. This at times makes for a choppy read as both subjects are interesting in their own right and the frequent pace changes from courtroom 'action' to poker table 'action' doesn't always sit well or feel right.

McManus does write well however, (its his real job afterall) and unlike many poker books the prose isn't just a series of cliches and annoying Americanisms. His success at the table allows him close proximity to many poker greats and his accounts of his plays and tactics against these legends is the best aspect of this book, culminating with his final table account.

A good but changable read.

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