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Title: The Man Behind the Shades
Post by: Five Fingers on 05/03/06 at 20:12:58
The Rise and Fall of Stuey 'The Kid' Ungar, Pokers Greatest Player

By Nolan Dalla, Peter Alson

Read this book? What did you think?

Title: Re: The Man Behind the Shades
Post by: The Lawman on 06/05/06 at 11:50:04
This sychophantic biography suffers from the main problem I have with such books: the author admires his subject too much.

It still delivers a full account of one of pokers most gifted characters and how he used and abused his natural talent till it ultimately destroyed him however.

Unger's life is chronicled from his fledgling upbringing through the Mob run NYC card games to the glitz and glamour of Vegas and along the way many anecdotes and quotes from those who knew and played with him are thrown in for good measure. This makes for an undeniably interesting read but I cant help but feel that the author plays down many of Unger's massive character flaws as 'quirks' and 'eccentricities', not least his descent into drugs and the life of an addict which are only truly brought home in the closing pages of the book even though it was a major aspect of his confused and erratic life.

A light but interesting read, sugar coated to hide the dirty side of the flawed genius.

Title: Re: The Man Behind the Shades
Post by: The Professor on 06/12/06 at 23:13:20
I read this book on recommendation from five fingers and obviously from the photos in it the author paid Ungar for the rights to write a sympathetic biography, although he died before the book was published! Undoubtedly Ungar was a selfish and flawed individual with an addictive personality, not uncommon in geniuii in a particular field (ref Gazza) bet also undoubtedly the greatest texas holdem player ever. Moral of the story, avoid class a drugs and keep the betting under control.
ps. had to laugh when someone asked Paul Merson " if you were a betting man, who would your money be on" on sky sports news the other day...
From reading the book it sounds like bookmaking is still illegal in a lot of states in the usa, what would have happened if betfair had been around for Ungar to use.

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