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Title: Ranking 3: Professor becomes hunter
Post by: Five Fingers on 06/05/06 at 22:19:49
Results, including final table starting chip stacks.
1 Professor 207 chips
2 Lawman ? chips
3 Hummingbird 115 chips
4 The Streak 141 chips
5 Skywalker 135 chips
6 Poker Mon ? chips
7th Real Deal
8th Love Rat
9th Five Fingers
10th The Mouse
11th Black Cat
12th Les Vegas
13th Superflash
14th DOG
15th Exocet
16th Poker Pirate
17th Wall Street

Title: Ranking 3: Professor becomes hunter
Post by: Five Fingers on 06/05/06 at 22:50:47
Lawman has kindly agreed to write up the game. A day of Guiness was not best preparation for me to complete this task.

Title: Re: Ranking 3: Professor becomes hunter
Post by: The Lawman on 06/06/06 at 20:08:23
A night of mixed action at the respective qualifying tables as two 'no shows' made for a short handed game on number 1. This didn't stop Wall Street from being the first player to fall in the room and he was shortly followed by the Pirate leaving The Streak and Skywalker as early qualifyers  after only an hour or so. They divided up the 'ghost chips' of the two absentees and set about some side game action to keep their poker brains switched on till it was time for the Final Table...

Meanwhile on 2 it was slow and steady with some tight play from 5 players and some loose and crazy action from the vocal and stella fueled Real Deal. Having accused the rest of the table of 'not being gamblers!' he set about claiming the 'maniac bettor' role all for himself with a roller coaster ride from chip leader to short stack and back again on more than one occasion. Due to seat position and frequent folding by the rest he was often left in pots with the new girl at the table, Poker Mon, who more than held her own against Real Deals agressive style, most notably slow playing pocket aces to take down a sizable pot and temporarily halt the increasingly incoherant banter.

Superflash was the first to fall, followed by Mouse and then Love Rat who held on for a good while and looked at one point to be Final Table bound. He finally fell however to a Lawman bounty bust, AJ all in losing to AK. The hand was most memorable however for another Real Deal outburst as he threatened to walk following an accidently turned up card. His anger turned to happiness as he saw the Rat leave and he dutifully paid out the bounty he had placed on his head: a Bounty Bar!  

The Real Deal then fell himself to his nemesis on the night, Poker Mon, who over the course of the evening had tamed the vocal gambler. So she and the Lawman progressed to the final, the last two to qualify on the night.

On 3 it was also a seemingly tense and tight affair with no early fallers. As the game wore on however the rising blinds began to take their toll and by the beer break most observers were amazed to see (or not be able to see) five Fingers sitting behind a veritable wall of chips. He seemed a final certainty and yet just a couple of quick hands following the re start saw him standing then walking, busted out again by tough play from his arch enemy Hummingbird and the long time chip leader on the table, Prof and indeed it was those two who progressed. As a side note, someone hit quad Aces but I don't know who: Fingers, any idea?

The Final Table started later than usual with 2 new players in the six, Poker Mon and Streak. Despite a fine first showing it was Poker Mon who was the first to fall after suffering several blind steals by the Prof to her right. Skywalker follwed soon after, forced all in with a short and dwindling stack. The four handed game seemed to last an age with the chip lead changing regularly and both Streak and Hummingbird going to the edge of elimination but fighting back bravely. There were at least 3 improbable 'chopped pots' with 3 and 4 outer river saves which kept the game alive but in the end the Streak (or Thinker as he had been re-named) fell to a Lawman rivered straight and then Hummingbird exited to leave the two 'marked men' facing each other for the heads up showdown, the time by now well after midnight! After such a long 4 then 3 handed game the end came swiftly just one hand in, A2 losing to K8 with a **8 flop and no further improvement. The Prof had done it again, two wins on the bounce and new league leader! Steady and strong poker from him all night saw him retain his own bounty and seize the fiver on the Lawmans head to add to his winnings. Good work!

Title: Re: Ranking 3: Professor becomes hunter
Post by: Five Fingers on 06/06/06 at 22:04:40
mate that is a top class write up. makes me feel a bit shabby for some of the drunken hole ridden reports I have added recently.

The FOUR aces was the Black Cat. I have a photo somewhere which I will put on later.

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