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Title: BIG ONE 05: Final Table
Post by: Five Fingers on 12/04/05 at 20:06:47

Antes: double every 55 mins

Starting Chip Stacks:
Q Braveheart 254 chips
Q Professor 207 chips
Q Lawman 169 chips
Q Superflash 167 chips
Q Poker Shark 129 chips
Q Real Deal 34 chips

1st Braveheart
2nd Lawman
3rd Superflash
4th Professor
5th Poker Shark
6th Real Deal

Title: Braveheart Bullion
Post by: Five Fingers on 12/04/05 at 20:16:42
Hi All. Thanks for coming along and making it such a great night. I will put photos up in a couple of days and add some comments. As always, everyone else feel free to add bits of the match i may have missed (there was ALOT going on!).

Anyway, got this email from Braveheart this morning, thought you all might like to see it. For the rest of us... keep the dream alive, four years now and I have never even got to final table! Next year...

"I'm still ecstatic about last night. I was up at five a.m. and punched the air in delight as I remembered why I was so hungover. I thought it couldn't get much better than having your tune played but winning it really is something special.

I've spent the year wondering if there is something really wrong with my poker (and I still think there probably is) but last night's game, and a lot of luck, leave me feeling ever so slightly vindicated in my head. It was a decent performance, helped by the fact that at no point during the evening did I get Jack & Five.

The heads-up may not have been interesting to watch but I loved every minute of it. Anyway, the bracelet is on my wrist, the trophies are on my television, the money went to cancer research and I look forward to defending next year.

Title: Re: BIG ONE 05: Final Table
Post by: lawman on 12/04/05 at 20:52:46
Great night and I think I've just about got over that King on the river.

Title: Re: BIG ONE 05: Final Table
Post by: lawman on 12/04/05 at 20:57:40
As Braveheart said, the heads up was not much for the spectators but was an intense and testing moment for me, and I presume him. He said moments before the deal of the last hand, 'this is going to be like the Blair Witch project: a long slow build up then one moment of drama'. A minute or so later he was proved absolutely right!

Well done again to a deserved winner.

Title: BIG ONE 05: Braveheart Bullion!
Post by: Five Fingers on 12/05/05 at 23:04:39

The Lawman has kindly done a write up for the final table game.


After the entry formalities the final six took their places for the decider of Big One 2005. Chip leader Braveheart held 27% of the chips followed by the Proffessor with 21%, Lawman with 18%, Superflash with 17%, Poker Shark with 13% and the Real Deal bringing up the rear with 4%. A quick Kodak moment and then the cards were in the air, the final table was underway...

Shark Bite?

In only the second hand the Poker Shark feels the time is right to bite and goes all in. All fold except Braveheart who calls without hesitation.

As the cards are turned the Sharks fishy hooks, JhJs, look good but he soon turns green around the gills as Braveheart slowly reveals pocket rockets, AsAd. A flop, turn and river changes nothing and the Shark is 'gutted' and out of the game.

Micro Stack Attack

A short time later and the Real Deal makes a stand with his short stack in a blind stealing attempt. With only Superflash left to act he has no choice but to call the micro raise and a second showdown results.

Real Deal looks in good shape as he shows Ac9s to Flash's 5s7d but as the board is dealt Superflash matches one of his cards to make a low but winning pair and sends Real Deal off the table.

Superflash makes his move...

Down to four players and Superflash on the button comes over the top of the Professor to go all in and slowly takes to his feet. The ever studious Prof ponders for a while then calls the bet. It's a close race as his black pocket 6's face Flash's pocket 7's and the Prof leads the call for another 6 and the Devils hand.

A 2cAh9c5c flop and turn give him extra outs with a possible flush but the river brings a Qd and Superflash doubles through to leave the Prof severely short stacked and reeling.

The Professors last stand

Forced to make a move, its not long before the Prof goes all in a few hands later and finds Braveheart as the only man left considering a call. The bet is 140 chips and with his opponent well covered Braveheart calls to reveal pocket 5's up against Ac5h.

With only A's left to save the Prof a Jd8s3h6s7h board means its exit time for the newly crowned 2005 League champion. He leaves to consider the pit falls of the most exstravagent of entrances to the final table, a Professor and a Professional to the last.

Threes company?

With three players left the Lawman begins to feel all alone as Hells kitchen fans rally round, eagerly anticipating a possible Superflash / Braveheart final.

But with their heroes out however, the Poker Jokers, and more specifically the Gardner Horseshoe, lend their support to the lonely bounty hunter and the threeway battle continues...

Table Two decided

Having come to the final from the same table with almost equal chip stacks the two remaining short stacks soon settle their evening long battle as Superflash goes all in on the button for 164 chips.

After Braveheart folds, the lawman calls the bet. He has the Flash covered, but only just, so the winner of this hand either way would surely be the one to go on to challenge the big chip leader Braveheart.

Superflash shows a pocket pair of ducks, 2d2c, and the Lawman turns over Ac8h whilst hoping that the board will bring him a Dead Mans hand like his namesake had all those years ago.

A flop of 5hJs7h helps no one but then the turn brings the big As for Lawman and he has the ducks dominated. The river changes nothing and superflash is gone and we're down to the final two!

The Heads Up final: Blair Witch with cards

Real Deal returns to the table to earn his name as Braveheart and the Lawman play to settle the Big One 2005.

The chips are about 70/30 in Bravehearts favour as the cards are dealt and the final begins. Real Deal's job is all too easy however for some 10-12 hands as several bullying all ins from Braveheart and modest raises from the Lawman are each met with folds and a lot of ante swapping with not a single flop dealt.

A change of dealer brings the first flop of the final but this is quickly folded by the Lawman whose stack is slowly being whittled at. Braveheart then makes the portensious comment, "this is going to be like the Blair Witch project ... a long slow build up but then one moment of drama!"

Fortune (telling) favours the Brave (heart)...


In the very next hand Bravehearts prophecy comes true as Lawman goes all in from the small blind and is called without hesitation by the Scot. The bet is 285 so even even after his call Braveheart has 390 chips left.

The cards go on their backs to reval JcQs versus KcAs and the Lawman is totally dominated but with the chances of any one hole card pairing as equal...

A 2c7sTd flop puts Braveheart firmly in the driving seat with only two cards to come, but then the turn card brings a Jd to give the Lawman hope of an unlikely double through which could turn the table around.

Anything other than an A/K/Q would see his hooks hold up but one of Bravehearts 9 outs materialises on the river, a Ks, and its all over!

The Big One 2005 is settled and Braveheart wins the game, the glory and the lavish prizes!

His demolition of his qualifying table and resulting chip lead in the final meant he never looked back and his hard work in the early stages paid off and allowed him to play his bullying style to the max.

A worthy winner of a fine evenings poker.

Next year anyone...?

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