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Title: Ranking Game 6: 03.09.04 Superflash Dash for Cash
Post by: Five Fingers on 09/04/04 at 11:56:13                
1st Superflash (Nick)
2nd The Dog (Carol)
3rd The Black Cat (Caroline)
4th The Love Rat (Steve)
5th Poker Pirate (Jamesie)
6th Hummingbird (Jo)
7th Braveheart (Craig)
8th Poker Shark (Pete)
9th Professor (Ben)
10th The Mouse (Suzy)
11th The Fish (Gavin)
12th Five Fingers (Ot)

Prize fund: £5.00 each    
Chip Leaders at merge - £5.00 prize
Final Table winner - £50.00 prize
Game Length: 19.30pm - 22.30pm 3 hours 00 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em

Two tables (6 person and 6 person)

Tables merged at 9.30pm

Venue: Poker Joker Card Room


Final Table:

The Superflash takes his first points and a strong win.  A faultless display by all accounts, the trip to Vegas and Binions looks to have paid off.  The Dog scores her first points too and looks to have hit a run of form at just the right time, ahead of the BIG ONE and her bid to win a second bracelet.  The Black Cat is always there and is certainly not lucky for any table.  The Love Rat reaches final table for the second time in a row but love is not in the room and the heartbreaker is broken. The Poker Pirate has done enough and wins the title of League Champion 2004. RESPECT.


Table 1:

Qualifiers - Poker Pirate (chip leader), Black Cat, The Dog
Out - Five Fingers, Professor, Hummingbird

Five Fingers is screwed completely by the Women in Poker with a pocket pair of 10's beaten by pocket Js (Hummingbird) and pocket 9s beaten by pocket 3s (The Dog). Out early and numb with shock. Professor has a quiet game and is wittled away without so much as a wimper. The Poker Pirate is firing his cannons pre-flop once more and picking up plenty of bounty. The Black Cat plays the usual steady prowling game and makes it to the final table.

Table 2:

Qualifiers - Superflash (chip leader), The Love Rat
Out - The Fish, Poker Shark, Braveheart, The Mouse

I am writing this up based on hearsay and rumour, my favourite source of information.  The Fish is gutted as he loses early to a rampaging all in Braveheart on a blind hand. Spends the rest of the evening fighting his demons and campaigning for a no all in rule (dont bet on that!). The Poker Shark meets a similar fate as a Braveheart river card flush outs his AK. The streak can't last and the Braveheart finally runs out of war paint and is out to join the rest mulling in Bad Beat Corner. The Mouse is playing for two but can't cope with the Fishbowl and Hells Kitchen thrown together.  A healthy stacked Superflash and Love Rat do a deal and ask for the tables to merge early.

Title: Re: Ranking Game 6: 03.09.04 Superflash Dash for C
Post by: The Fish on 09/04/04 at 16:32:48
Errr - I only asked for the no all-in rule on the side game.  And only when Braveheart was invited to join us!  What can I say - wasn't my night!

Title: Re: Ranking Game 6: 03.09.04 Superflash Dash for C
Post by: bankie on 09/06/04 at 19:13:40
can't blame the fish really! i'm normally agressive but something went wrong in my head on friday - i was all in at least twenty or thirty times. after a while it just gets addictive - i thought i was invincible and for a little bit i was.

ironically, in the end i went out after superflash went all in and i called him with better cards. live by the sword...

and hopefully it brought some revenge for the mouse putting me out in the second tournament.

bring on the big one and a more subdued performance from the braveheart.

Title: Re: Ranking Game 6: 03.09.04 Superflash Dash for C
Post by: The Professor on 09/06/04 at 21:45:43
The result board need amending OT you were last NOT jo  >:(

Title: Re: Ranking Game 6: 03.09.04 Superflash Dash for C
Post by: Five Fingers on 09/07/04 at 06:15:56
just shows how much she has got inside my head.. she is truly my buzzing thorn in the side...

bring on the BIG ONE for some clipping of wings...

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