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Title: Ranking 3: 05.03.04 Fortune favours the Braveheart
Post by: Five Fingers on 03/06/04 at 08:54:03
1st Braveheart (Craig)
2nd Professor (Ben)
3rd Black Cat (Caroline)
4th Poker Shark (Pete)
5th Superflash (Nick)
6th Real Deal (Dan)
7th Five Fingers (Ot)
8th The Dog (Carol)
9th Exocet (Paul)
10th The Love Rat (Steve)
11th Clover (Mark)
12th Skywalker (Luke)
13th The Fish (Mark)
14th Poker Pirate (Jamesie)
15th Yellow Flag (Tom)

Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £75.00      
Game Length: 7.30pm - 10.35pm 3 hours 05 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em

Two tables (8 and a 7 person)

Tables merged at 9.30pm by mutual consent

Venue: Poker Joker Card Room

Table 1:

Qualifiers - Braveheart, Superflash
Out - Dog, Exocet, Clover, Five Fingers, Poker Pirate, The Fish

Table 2:

Qualifiers - Professor, Poker Shark,
Out - Five Fingers, Real Deal, Black Cat

The tables could not have been more different.  In a controversial change to the antes the players start with half the chip count.  This change leads to some early casulties as a number of big guns fail to adapt their game and fire blanks.  

On table 1 the betting is fierce with a number of hands being decided before the flop.  Fortune favours the brave.

On table 2 the play is tight and the chip count remains evenly spread throughout.

The Braveheart wins with bold brash bolshy cards.  Rides his luck on some pre-flop showdowns but the poker gods are smiling and he hits his hand time after time. The Braveheart displays a talent for talking but whilst not silent, he is deadly.

The Professor is in a rich vein of form placing second again. Stages a stirling comeback in the heads up but loses it all in yet another Braveheart bad beat.  The pressure of the antes continues to haunt our studious poker professor.  Only a matter of time before his next win surely.

The Black Cat continues to be our most consistant player, lapping up yet another ranking finish.  In the antes tonight the Cat must have adapted her game and bet more like lion than a girl thingycat.  Take note everyone.  Cream rises to the top everytime.

The Poker Shark plays a strong game and makes the final table.  Again, our ancient predator is swimming to the final table on a consistant basis now.

The Superflash makes the final table against the odds.  In the qualifying game his chip stack is depleted in the early stages.  Never makes a stand and is wittled away in a slow poker death. Plays astutely to survive so long but can't cope with a long night facing the Braveheart.

The Real Deal just misses out on a place at the final table. Last seasons champion is more chumpion this year with no points and no prizes.  Deals at the final table.

Five Fingers started like a rocket winning big pots on three out of the first four hands.  Not busy enough his chip stack becomes dangerously low, prompting a number of all in plunges.  It looked like it could be Fingers night until the Braveheart turns snowmen with K8, beating A7. The rollercoaster is derailed.

The Dog is quiet in the early stages until Exocet comments on her meekness.  Let sleeping dogs lie!  She comes out fighting but has too few biscuits in the box.  Neutered.

Exocet brings his normal arsenal to the table.  Never one to surrender to a raise, he uses attacking large bets to sink his opponents.  The table develops radar to these tactics and shoot his bluff down.

The Love Rat arrives from the Hells Kitchen camp with rumours of greatness.  Is out early on the grinding table.  Living up to his name, a lovely lady arrives to console him. A loser in poker, a winner in love?

Clover is back looking to make it two wins out of two.  Plays steady cards but needs a bit more rounds under his belt before defending any titles.  Bets high on an average hand too many. Knocked out.

Skywalker is out early and clearly he left his light sabre at home.  An unexpected exit shows that the new antes brought out his dark side and some wild play. As the great Yoda says "Beware of the dark side. Anger...fear...aggression. The dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight."

The Fish is fried in the first few hands.  Puts in a fair sized raise.  Fingers reraises high and the Fish folds. Short stacked in 'intense poker' is no place to be.  Blames the antes, the cards and the dog for eating his homework. Last games winner is this games whiner. (only kidding mate!)

The Poker Pirate never left dock.  His game is based on boarding many ships and betting frequently.  But being involved in too many hands on a night of high antes proves costly.  Too costly indeed as his ship is sunk without trace. A big gun is decommissioned.

The Yellow Flag races back from London to join his first ranking game.  Black flagged in less than 20 minutes, his high risk driving poker careers off course. Spends the rest of the night drinking sambuka with no hands. Wild and reckless.

Title: Re: Ranking 3: 05.03.04 Fortune favours the Braveh
Post by: bankie on 03/06/04 at 10:07:35
'fair play also to the fish who promptly bought a beer for everyone with his winnings. i'll do the same after my first victory'.....

.........was written by myself after the second ranking game. typical scotsman it never happened (even more shamefull since i was taking pints of everyone else all night). first round is on me in may - someone may want to print this out as legally binding!

thought i played reasonably well in the first half but failed to adjust in the second half to not being as big a chip leader (and being really pissed). but with the high antes it only takes a couple of hands to change things and whilst i didn't think i was winning too many implausable hands if there was a hand when i was 60 / 40 underdog i took it every time. some nights are like that and on another day my drunken pre-flop raising would have seen me on the cash table by half eight.

thought new antes worked well in as much as it wasn't too crowded a final table and unless you are going to start it at two in the afternoon what else can you do? led to a pretty even three-way between myself, the prof & the cat which despite being pretty ravaged by drink i very much enjoyed.

Title: Re: Ranking 3: 05.03.04 Fortune favours the Braveh
Post by: Five Fingers on 03/06/04 at 10:26:05
if we are confessing...

i owe the Braveheart a tenner. true to form i spent some of the poker pot on sambuka slammers.

in my defence i hadnt been out for 4 months!

Title: Pocket Pair Punishment
Post by: Five Fingers on 03/07/04 at 12:22:35
i have had a flashback and recall an extraordinary hand on qualifying table 1.

the rivercard had been dealt and three players were left in the game, one all in.  no cards on the table were higher than 10.

the Poker Pirate is all in but confidently lays down a JJ pocket pair.

the Clover shocks the table by laying down cowboys, KK in the hand.

a disappointed Superflash puts down his two ladies, a QQ pocket pair.

not seen a hand like that before... must be pretty high odds on occuring!

glad i wasnt in it either!! bit hard to put down those hands!

Title: Re: Ranking 3: 05.03.04 Fortune favours the Braveh
Post by: The Fish on 03/07/04 at 15:07:44
Well remembered my man - an extraordinary hand!

I don't remember a great deal from the night as having lost out in all three games I played I decided more beer and more punishment was in order, so I opened a bottle of champagne left over from my birthday and headed to the safety of Bugsy's.

By the early hours I was up $120 dollars and way too pissed to be at the table.  Just as I was considering heading off to bed I lost the lot in just two hands.  The sun started to rise and I headed off with yet more disappointment behind me.  The rock & roll lifestyle of a poker player  ::) ;D

Title: Re: Ranking 3: 05.03.04 Fortune favours the Braveh
Post by: bankie on 03/07/04 at 18:56:27
i had a pair of tens. i thought i was the man until everyone turned over with higher pairs. sweet hand and what it's all about.

Title: Re: Ranking 3: 05.03.04 Fortune favours the Braveh
Post by: SuperFlash on 03/08/04 at 21:22:50
Thought Pirate had the 10's was all in, Clover had the kings was all in, I had the queens took down the rubbishy side pot (which have been completely empty as possibly no one called when I bet) .

Hangover the next day seriously affecting abilty to remember much.

Title: Re: Ranking 3: 05.03.04 Fortune favours the Braveh
Post by: Five Fingers on 03/09/04 at 08:52:59
as michael friend of the children jackson says...

You are not alone.

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